Sunday, September 8, 2013



Here's the cat that has opted to be out on the streets instead of settling into being a well-fed cat that enjoys the comfort and safety of a home away from the bully cat next door. Anyway, he values freedom and so do I. He still comes every morning to be fed and disappears into other parts of the neighbourhood to roam and play and not daring to come back during the course of the day because of the cat next door. I worry about him especially when it rains heavily wondering whether he is safe and has found shelter, whether he is cold and shivering in the rain and praying that he will find food somewhere so that he will not go hungry. When he comes, my heart lights up for those brief moments when he would lie down and be petted, enjoying every moment of attention.

Here he is behaving like a sphinx guarding my front door.
Enjoying the love.

Hey, I love you too.

Thinking about life.

Quick nap.
See I am fine.

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