Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cat in the neighbourhood

This is Maotze, a stray cat that arrived at my part of the neighbourhood two years ago with his mum and two siblings. Over time, a sibling disappeared, another migrated elsewhere and only Maotze and his mum remained.
Our neighbour on the right are animal lovers and sort of adopted him. I think they called him by another name. Anyway Maotze was given a mat under a bicycle that marked his place in his new home. His mum was always around and I think she got fed too by the neighbour's maid. Maotze's mum was a black and white cat, small in size but fiercely protective of her offspring.
 Then a few months ago, Maotze's mum also disappeared and Maotze was clearly disturbed by the fact that his mum was no more around for him to nuzzle up to and seek protection from. Around that time, the neighbours stopped feeding and he would come over hoping to be adopted. I resisted feeding Maotze because I was not in the position to take care of a cat.
Anyway Maotze was born in the streets and could not be confined to a house. However, each time Maotze came to seek comfort from my children, he looked scrawnier than the time before. I relented for my children's love for this well-behaved and lovable cat that never demanded that we fed him. He has been coming over to our house in the past year of so to play and to have his belly rubbed. He got used to us and we, to him. So I relented and started to feed him, to play with him and to give him his belly rubs and cat massages. He loved them.
I am beginning to miss him when he does not turn up to be fed. Sometimes he disappears for a few days and then just when you think that he is never coming back, he turns up. I have not seen him since Sunday and I only caught a glimpse of him appearing from a drain and going into another neighbour's house when he saw her opening her front gate. I wonder if she has adopted him. In my heart, I hope he has found a good home and also hope that he remembers us and comes by for his belly rubs once in a while.

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