Monday, June 20, 2011

Wallace Trail dragonflies

When I saw this dark-tipped forest -skimmer dragonfly I was so excited because it was a shade of brilliant blue and I was so afraid that it would disappear from sight before I could be satisfied with at least one photo of this winged creature. So I took this shot from a safe distance just in case.
I moved closer to the dragonfly and in the shade of the tall trees tried my best to get the camera's auto focus to hit peak performance. Unfortunately, auto-whatever or auto-anything works best only in bright sunlight, hence the not-so-sharp pictures here.
Still, it was my first encounter with this particular specie of dragonfly.
Outstanding wings!
On the side of a drain, I spotted this common forest-skimmer.

Further on, a pink dragonfly with large pink eyes was resting on a twig.
Next to it was this dragonfly with orange wings. So pretty!

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