Saturday, June 4, 2011

A couple of dragonflies

Correct me if I am wrong about these two dragonflies that I had the good fortune to encounter one morning between Kentridge Park and the Hortpark. I think that they are the Camacinia gigantea, also known as the largest dragonflies in its class. I spotted the red one which is male at eye level on a dangling twig. Curious as to why it did not move when I approached, I discovered that it was slowly devouring a helpless insect. I wish I had a better camera with me but under the circumstances, I made do with what I had.
 The wings were well spread out as I was approaching the dragonfly.

 The dragonfly altered the wing positions ready to take-off when it felt threatened enough. As it appeared, the dragonfly was enjoying its meal so much that even when I was near enough to touch it, I was not considered a serious security threat.

 Tired of taking the back view, I went round to the front of the dragonfly. Its mouth was too full to express surprise.

 Now it is getting a little more ruffled than before.
 So I left it to enjoy the rest of the meal in peace.
 Nearby I caught sight of this female dragonfly of the same specie and it has beautiful yellow wings.

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