Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wallace Trail creatures

Last Sunday morning, I took a walk along the Wallace Trail inside the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve. I was delighted to have seen these creatures:

A tiny butterfly that liked to hover close to the ground fluttering its wings at rapid speed. The wings had a bluish hue when they were open - really beautiful!
A group of photographers were very excited by this discovery of what one of them described as "A Christmas tree". I couldn't agree more. This is one of the strangest caterpillars I have ever seen.

I wonder what kind of butterfly it will turn into.
Near the caterpillar, a praying mantis kept very still and unafraid of the inquisitive humans going near it to take pictures.
A rugged-looking grasshopper, not like the green ones seen in our gardens and backyards.
A butterfly pausing for a moment before fluttering away.

A handsome cricket eyeing us warily.
A blue dragonfly basking in the hot sun.
Another butterfly that likes to stay at ground level.
This one was harder to photograph because it kept moving from place to place.

That was a great morning for a nature walk.

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