Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I heard a commotion outside, looked up and saw a neighbour brandishing a mop at some monkeys on her roof. I caught this one looking for a way down.
And then I saw more and more of them - small, medium, big; male and female, young and old and the in-betweens i.e. teenagers. It was a three-generation family that came out of the jungle nearby to see if they can intimidate the humans and steal their food.

Using the cherry tree to climb onto the roof-tops.
Lean and mean, they are determined to invade the human territory.
Senior member of the troop - he had white eyelids.
Natural tight-rope walkers. Gutters are way too easy for them.
Let's see if there's food in the kitchen.

The muscular dude, protector of the troupe. Don't mess around with him.
Sitting on the edge of the roof, looking out for food.

Junior doing a balancing act.
Look at those whiskers - a threatening posture.
Really skinny monkeys, no wonder they venture out to look for food.

Perfect sense of balance. Walking on a wire fencing is not the same as walking on a tightrope.
This is the mynah that 'owns' the cherry tree. It was really annoyed that the monkeys came and made a nuisance of themselves.

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alicesg said...

OMG, I will be frightened if any monkeys come so near my home.