Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dusky Leaf Monkey

Last Thursday, we drove 100km to Tangkak and then another 6km or so to the National Park of Mt Ophir. It was a free-and-easy day trip for us. The objective was not to climb Mt Ophir but to just take a short walk up the mountain next to small waterfalls. There were bigger waterfalls further up but we left those for another trip which we are planning with friends. I was attracted by the bright orange berries on this tree with very thick foliage near the start of the trek. I heard some rustling amongst the leaves and ignored it thinking that it was either a squirrel or some monkeys that I presumed were the usual long-tailed macaque monkeys common in Singapore. Then something told me that I should at least try to see what creature was creating that disturbance and I had my reward for just being curious.
I saw this adorable baby monkey looking curiously at me. It swung from branch to branch but kept a distance from me.I also saw its mum and dad close by. I found out that these are dusky leaf monkeys and I felt really privileged to have seen them. Look at the long tail!I have never seen these monkeys in Singapore. They were really lovely creatures!

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alicesg said...

It is lovely. Are they in the wild? I saw a bunch of monkeys in Fort Siloso and I am already